A place called ‘House’

If you have visited our salon recently you will have seen that we have had a bit of a facelift. Our salon is now fully geared up to be a relaxing space for clients to relax and feel at home. We hope you like it. We have tried to create a place that is a ‘House’ from home. Somewhere that people can fully feel like they can relax and enjoy coming to the hairdressers.

When we first decided to change the salon customer service was at the forefront of our minds. Our clients are the most important part of our salon so I do hope that you like it. It’s not been a easy transition and we are very thankful to all our clients who came and put up with us being in a bit of a mess but at the same time we hope you thought it was worth it.

Upon walking in you are welcomed by our new reception area and our look bar. This is specifically designed to be a place to try our latest ‘must have’ products. When you come into salon you must have a go and look at some of the latest products we have. It’s for you to get stuck in 🙂


We have also repositioned our reception desk so that it is more accessible to clients. Look out for being greeted by our team with a big smile.

We have also created a specific area just for our consultations. Consultations are very important to us. We felt that this is one of the aspects we really need to get right with our clients as it’s a place where you tell us exactly what you need and how you would like to look when leaving. Pull up a chair and have a cuppa on us whilst you tell us how we can help.

Moving over to our cleansing area. We have created another chair to start but also we now have some lovely relaxing chairs to sit in whilst having your hair cleansed and washed. We have all the latest treatments and shampoos tailored to suit all hair types. During the consultation we like to know how your hair is feeling so that we can use a shampoo to help either revitalise or repair.

Its been hard work but we are very proud of our new salon. Come and have a look for yourself and tell us what you think. We do really value our client reviews.


Jess, Rob and all the ‘House’ Team  xxxxxxx